Hygienic PVC Cladding System ( PalcladTM Pro )

Hygienic PVC Cladding System ( PalcladTM Pro )


PALCLAD Pro holds many mechanical and aesthetic benefits that make it a leading solution for cladding. It offers exceptional resistance to impact, chemical substances, moisture, stains and spills, which complements its aesthetic looks and easy maintenance. The system’s panel, PALCLAD Pro flat rigid PVC, has evolved into the high quality product of today based on the results of almost 50 years of service by Palram. It can be easily formed and fabricated while retaining its physical characteristics. PALCLAD Pro is also a high quality printing substrate and can be used to create elegant and appealing decorative walls.

Main Benefits

• Excellent chemical resistance
• Easy maintenance
• High impact strength
• The panels can be easily fabricated and formed to create versatile cladding on uneven surfaces 
• The highest fire ratings in its field
• Glossy, Matte or Embossed surface finish
• High electrical and thermal insulation
• Non toxic
• Recyclable
• PALCLAD™ Pro HYG : Active antimicrobial action

Typical Applications

• Wall cladding
• Chemical process industries
• Sterile surfaces in laboratories
• Clinics and hospitals
• Food industry